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Why out-sourcing landscape designs is easy and profitable

If you’re anything like me, learning how to effectively scale your landscape field operations can feel like planning a trip to Mars at first. When I was running my own landscaping business I found that bridging the gap between my current installation work, and the work I wanted to do came down to my ability to properly create designs and estimates. At the time I lacked the ability to create unique, winning landscape design plans and didn’t have the budget to hire someone that did. After a lot of industry networking this seemed to be a common trend – either an in house designer was just barely in budget but wasn’t efficient due to their current job demands OR the position was out of budget entirely leaving the landscape business owner to figure it out for themselves.

Patterson Yards was created specifically to bridge these gaps, and deliver winning landscape designs & estimates to hardworking landscapers attempting to scale their operations. Instead of hiring a full time landscape designer, increasing your overhead by 68-96 thousand dollars a year, you can simply utilize Patterson Yard’s services on your schedule when you need them.

We are your outsourced landscape designer and project estimator with an in-house family like feel. Because landscape plans and proposals are all we do, you’ll even find that we’re even faster (and higher quality) than your average W’2 in-house designer.

In my last season operation a landscaping business I did approximately 55 design/build landscapes in one year, creating 2.4 million in revenue.

So let’s do the math… If a qualified in-house designer averages $72,000 a year and your business only need an average of 48-50 designs a season (4 tailored plans a month) that brings the average design cost per property to $1,500.00.

Patterson Yard’s average design cost is only $1064! Thats $436 per yard or $20,928 per year in savings for you and your business!

BUT what if you’re where I was still trying to scale to an annual revenue of 1 million… There’s quite literally no way to hire a full time employee for this specialty and still effectively Profit.

I started this business, and wrote this blog, to help you and your team grow. If you grow, we grow too.


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