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Scaling your operations on a budget

Back when I was younger and had first opened my first landscape installation business, I may have made some of the dumbest mistakes imaginable… I paid a software developer to BUILD my own landscape estimation software for me without a thought that maybe someone out there had already done it… I also used Excel and paper computing before this. One day after consulting with a fellow landscaper in the industry I learned they used Dynascape, and then after consulting with another I learned they used LMN, and then another told me their experience with SyncedUp.

The point here is that sometimes it’s best to not reinvent the wheel but perfect your ability to roll it. By utilizing the software listed above, and learning some of the best industry practices my landscaping business quickly doubled its revenue 3 years in a row.

One of the best ways to scale your business is to KNOW your numbers and estimate effectively. After all, if you’re not profiting, why put up with all the hassles of this industry right?

It’s my team and my mission to help landscapers like yourself estimate efficiently so that you and your team can grow with us!

We’ll help refer you to the best landscape management software for your business, and help create estimates with you until you get the hang of it.


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