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Out-sourcing your estimation processes

Like you, before this, I owned my own landscape installation company as well. I had no college degree and had never worked for another landscaping company. Although we grew to over 1 million in annual revenue in just under 3 years, it was difficult to say the least. Installing larger projects, and managing larger maintenance/annual planting contracts required expert estimation & plan drafting knowledge I simply didn’t have.

I reached out to many landscapers and paid them to be my mentors, and also paid to learn the hard way (I’m sure you know what I mean lol). Creating estimates is more than simply winning a job – it’s about creating a fair/competitive (not always the cheapest) deal for the client while also protecting you and your employees. When hiring a professional project estimator/designer is simply not in the budget you are forced to figure it out the hard way, which coincidentally, costs money as well when mistakes are made. By outsourcing your estimates & proposals with a quality, driven team like the one here at Patterson Yards you can rest assured your clients will be visually woo’ed while your team is kept safe from the treacheries of poor job costing.

Let’s do the Math…

The average in-house W’2 project estimator costs $48,000 annually.

The year my business did $1,010,000 in revenue we did approximately 164 estimates.

The average estimate/proposal created by Patterson Yards costs $197

If I need to create 164 estimates the total cost would only equate to $32,308 with Patterson Yards!

That’s a savings of over $15,692!

I didn’t start this business to get over on you OR anyone. We pay for ourselves and help you WIN.


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